Oldies Radio Stations

10000 HITS Sweet Radio

4KQ Classic Hits

ABC 60s Dublin

ABC 80s Ireland

All Hit 70s [SKY.fm]


Belgian Oldies Radio

Big Oldies Chicago


Foute Muziek Radio

Frequence Live Midi-Pyrénées

Gamma Radio

GK International

Gold Star Radio

Goldies [RauteMusik.fm]

Inolvidable Digital


Kiss FM Gold

Oldies [SKY.fm]


Radio ABC 80s

Radio Manele Vechi

Radio Pécs International

Radio Skipper

Radio Sol FM Peru

Radio Traditional Oldies

RadioPalmwine Yoruba Radio

Sensuelle Radio 80

Slavonski Radio

TrueColors Radio

Vlaamse Wonderjaren

Yesternow Radio

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Currently on air
Some radio stations provide a list of last songs in the air, we also offer this list just above the player when listening that radio. List is automatically updated so that at any moment you can find out what you are listening.

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Last listened Radio stations

  • Hot Mix Radio 80s
  • Narodni Radio
  • Antena Zagreb
  • Radio TNT
  • Naxi 80-e Radio
  • TDI Radio Beograd
  • Radio Sunce Split
  • Totalni FM
  • Otvoreni Radio
  • YuEco Radio
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