Dance Radio

Location: Czech Republic

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First idea about creating a radio came on mind of Ing.Lumír Skokan in February 2005.For realizing this thought was neccessary to find a strategic partner who liked dance and cared about music playing in terestrical radio stations. In March 2005 there started a dealing with company Czech Computer, nominally with its owner, Mr. Josef Matějka. Both guys made a deal and since then there have been started a hard work on format of Dance Radio.The result of many people´s afford brought a cream on 1st July 2005 which had been the first day of Dance Radio broadcasting also famously christened by czech dance group Verona. Dance Radio specializes on listeners that are of age between 15-35, but there are also some older ones that like the style of music that we play. Dance Radio scheme brings you nowadays dance music but also including the best from past years and many many newcomers from the world chart shows. Our aim is reaching some another listeners by cabeů TV, namely UPC and KARNEVAL. If everything works out you may also listen to us "on air".
Dance Radio runs for almost three years. Since then we got a lot of listeners. Nowadays there reach us about 45.000 listeners per day at the age 15 – 45. (moreover) Listeners can tune up our radio partly by internet and also in UPC network for now jsut region Prague (90,5 a 107,8 MHz) and full-area by digital IP television of company O2. We don't stay far behind – during the year 2008 we get even closer to you!

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