Location: Mexico

Genres: alternative, electro, indie, rock

Website: www.louder.mx

Louder is radio that's far from conventional. We speak and communicate in a different manner.
Times have changed and so has radio. What this generation least is, is passive with what it sees, listens and perceives in its surroundings.
We live in a generation that's used to be being communicated.
Today, it's media that follows the audience, bases its actions on them, and in an immediate manner, you are who propose and decide who to see and listen.
Louder is a radio that is anything but conventional. Even though most of us grew up with radio as it is usually been
perceived, we've been able to change and adapt to the time we are now living in. We've learned to open up to other voices, to other concepts, to other
ways to see the world.
Above all, we speak and communicate in a different manner.

Nowadays we listen to radio not only in an FM receiver, it is an internet broadcast, a telephone application, a world wide web signal, a playlist, a podcast, an on demand program, a tablet option,
a youtube channel, an online event...
a media of which I can be a part of
and not just be a listener.
You are Louder, we are just the means.

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